Reelout Sat Jan 28 2017


Starting at 2pm with I Stand Corrected by Andrea Meyerson/84min/USA/2012/Documentary preceded by Mezzo by Nicole Opper/USA/14:00/2015
4pm Women Who Kill by Ingrid Jungermann/93min/USA/Comedy/Thriller/ preceded by B by Kai Stanicke/Germany/15:00/2015
7pm in the Sinister Saturday is King Cobra by Justin Kelly/91min/USA/Drama/Thriller preceded by The Night Cleaner by Blair Fukumura/Canada/5:00min/2016
9pm They Came From The Clost : Queer Horror Shorts Five fiendish films explore the spooky side of gay relationships. Zombies, Grindr hook-ups gone wrong, and other nasties are creeping out of the closet tonight.
Sauna The Dead by Tom Frederic /UK/20:34/2015,
Killer Friends by Zach Noe Towers/USA/10:40/2015,
I Really Like You by Jason Karman/Canada/12:57/2014,
PYOTR495 by Blake Mawson/Canada/15:06/2016/Russian with Eng. Subtitles,
Tonight It’s You by Dominic Haxton /USA/17:32/2015
  • The Screening Room
    120 Princess Street, Kingston
  • Saturday Jan 28
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